The Value of a Comprehensive Air Conditioner Maintenance

Posted by admin on May 15, 2015, at 2:37 pm

henscey_air_conditioning.jpgA malfunctioning AC system is not something you want to deal with on one of our hot, humid summer days. Fortunately, the air conditioning in your Dayton home will give you years of trouble-free service if you take the time to perform some routine air conditioner maintenance tasks a few times each season. You can do most of the basic maintenance yourself, but you should also have your HVAC pro out for a routine service call every year.

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance

Here are some basic tasks to include on your air conditioner maintenance checklist:

  • Change your air filter. Change air filters as often as needed to maintain unrestricted airflow through your ductwork. If you have indoor pets or live on a dusty road, you may need to change your filter several times per season.
  • Clean your outdoor unit. Keeping your fan, compressor, and condenser coil free of grass clippings and other debris will keep your system running cooler and improve energy efficiency.
  • Straighten coil fins. Condenser coil fins can get mashed together due to collisions with lawn mowers and errant soccer balls. Use a fin comb to straighten them and improve heat transfer.
  • Keep your indoor coil clean. Clean dust and pet hair from your evaporator coil at least annually.
  • Keep your condensate drain line open. Use a stiff wire to clean out your condensate drain line if it becomes clogged. Be sure its outlet in your yard is unobstructed. If you have a drain pan with an automatic pump, be sure it’s operating correctly.

Call a Professional When…

Call your HVAC pro if you are not comfortable doing any of these basic tasks yourself. During your annual service call, he or she will do other things that require specialized tools and skills, including adjusting refrigerant levels and lubricating moving parts.

For more information about air conditioner maintenance or to set up a preventive maintenance plan, call Henscey Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning at 888-718-7144.