Lighting Electrician

Lighting Electrician Services

Lighting is an important facet of interior decor, and your concerns may range from the need to repair existing fixtures to an interest in updating decorative or energy usage aspects of your home lighting. At Henscey Electric & A/C Co., we are available to evaluate your needs in order to provide contemporary solutions that take both decor and energy consumption into consideration. Our years of service in Dayton and Southeast Texas have helped us to focus on providing quality workmanship and friendly service, and we are committed to listening carefully to your interests to ensure that the work accomplished meets your goals.

Lighting Repairs

If you are dealing with lighting fixtures or switches that appear to be malfunctioning, it is important to pay attention to the issue right away so that a subtle but serious problem doesn’t continue unchecked. Our technicians can inspect the fixtures in question, verifying whether a repair or replacement is required. Peace of mind is valuable where lighting electrician services are concerned, and our technicians are committed to your safety as they make appropriate service recommendations and complete relevant repairs.

Retrofitting Your Existing Lighting

Lighting electrician services are appropriate if you are contemplating a major change in your lighting configuration for part or all of your home. An experienced electrician can ensure that wiring and switches are managed appropriately and that replacement fixtures are properly placed. Additionally, a technician specializing in modern lighting options can provide an overview of the benefits of various approaches to illuminating your home. If your interest is primarily stylistic, your technician can provide you with choices such as pendant lights, chandeliers and other fixtures based on your interests. If your major retrofit goal is saving energy, your electrician can help you to consider more efficient bulbs and resources as you seek maximum illumination with minimal energy waste.

New Home Lighting Solutions

If you are designing a new construction home, Henscey Electric & A/C Co. is available to consult with your architectural team as needed. We can also be available as needed for the construction phase of your project in Dayton and Southeast Texas.

Depend on an Expert

The Henscey Electric & A/C Co. team is pleased to assist with your lighting concerns or plans. We offer maintenance services related to specialty lights and bulb changes as needed. We are also happy to offer our insight on the latest advances in efficient lighting and modern installation options. Contact our office for more information.