Know Your Options When It Comes to Upgrading a Thermostat

Posted by admin on November 24, 2014, at 8:47 pm

upgrading a thermostatUpgrading a thermostat in your Dayton home is an inexpensive energy-saving measure that will give you an excellent return on your investment and that will not require sacrificing your family’s comfort. Be sure to select a new thermostat that is compatible with your heating and air conditioning system. Ask your HVAC pro for advice if you’re confused about which model to choose.

Manual vs. Programmable Thermostats

Your old manual thermostat may serve you well if you remember to make adjustments to heating and cooling settings for optimum energy efficiency. Most families, though, will benefit from a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat lets you set your home temperatures to reflect your family’s lifestyle. For example, your thermostat can set back temperatures for energy savings during daytime hours when nobody is home, then turn the system back up in time for everybody to come home from work or school.

Programmable Options to Fit Your Needs

Choose a thermostat with programming features tailored to your family’s normal routine. A retired couple who spends most days at home can get by with a simpler system than a family with young children who have a different routine every day of the week.

The simplest programmable thermostat option is the 1-week model, which sets up one schedule that applies to every day of the week. 7-day models can be programmed for a different schedule for every day of the week. 5-2 models let you set up a common schedule for the five weekdays with another schedule for the two weekend days. 5-1-1 models allow you to program the five weekdays with a common schedule plus a different schedule for each weekend day.

Advanced Thermostat Features

You have the option of choosing a simple thermostat based on its low price, or on the other end of the spectrum, a more expensive thermostat offering advanced features. Indicator lights that remind you to change your air filter or thermostat batteries, remote programming using your PC or cell phone, and keyboard locks are just a few examples of available features.

Confused about which thermostat to choose? Please contact us at Henscey Electric, Heating & Air Conditioning for help upgrading a thermostat in your Dayton area home.

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