DIY Maintenance for Your Kingwood Air Conditioning System

Posted by admin on March 5, 2015, at 2:41 pm

Henscey Electric and Air ConditioningSpring is the best time of year to perform preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system. Take the time now to make sure your system is in good working condition and rest easy knowing your Kingwood home will be comfortable this summer.

A/C Maintenance Tasks

Most homeowners are capable of handling the following service tasks, but if you’re not comfortable doing them yourself, contact your HVAC technician who can perform them for you!

  • Change the air filter – If you haven’t changed the HVAC system’s air filter in the past few months, do it now. The filter keeps dust, pet hair and other debris from getting into supply ducts and coating the moving parts and coils inside the HVAC system. Make a habit of checking the filter monthly and replacing it once buildup is visible.
  • Clean the outdoor unit – The outdoor unit accumulates dust, leaves and grass that can clog the condenser coil and interfere with the fan’s operation. Turn off the power and remove the metal housing. Carefully remove debris from the coil and fan or use a water hose to wash the coil from the inside to the outside.
  • Inspect and repair ductwork – Repair any duct joints that have come loose. Seal leaky ducts with mastic and metal tape. Insulate ductwork running through unconditioned spaces, such as the attic or crawl space, to minimize energy losses.
  • Tighten up your home’s exterior – The air conditioner won’t have to work as hard if you reduce energy losses from your home’s outer walls. Replace worn weatherstripping around doors and windows, and seal holes in walls penetrated by water spigots or electrical wiring. Plant deciduous trees on the south side of your house to provide shade in the summer and allow the sun to shine through in winter.

Professional Maintenance Is Also Important

An air conditioning maintenance contract is a good investment that ensure you’re constantly improving your A/C system’s energy efficiency and equipment life. Your HVAC pro will perform tasks that you may not be able to do yourself, such as recharging refrigerant, lubricating moving parts, and balancing airflow correctly.

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