Dayton Residents Benefit From Standby Generators

Posted by admin on January 15, 2015, at 4:21 pm

Dayton Residents Benefit From Standby Generators The standby generator has evolved from standard equipment at hospitals, public facilities and remote farms and ranches to an essential addition for residential safety and security. Today, a house without electrical power can almost be uninhabitable, particularly during inclement weather. Activating automatically when utility power is interrupted, a standby generator provides emergency power to keep your home environment livable and sustain normal life until grid power is restored.

Here’s how a backup power source can be critical in this era of increasing dependence on uninterrupted electrical power.

Power on Demand

Similar in appearance to a central air conditioner, the generator is usually installed on a concrete pad behind the house and hard-wired directly into the main electrical panel. When an outage is detected, the system automatically shifts the house from grid power to generator power, usually within less than 20 seconds. After utility power is restored, the system transfers the home circuits back to the grid and shuts down the generator. No action is required by occupants of the home to activate the generator or shift power distribution.

Available Fuel

Most residential standby generators utilize the natural gas already piped to your home as fuel. Experience shows that natural gas is rarely affected by the sort of events that interrupt electrical power. It’s also economical and burns cleanly. Some larger generators may be fueled by a propane tank or diesel fuel.

Output Options

Standby generators are usually sized in three general categories:

  • Critical circuits – These units power a few pre-selected vital circuits in the home, generally just enough to keep it livable during a power failure.
  • Managed power – Smart generators can shift power around to various circuits in the house as demand changes and the load increases and decreases. This allows the powering of a larger array of household needs with a smaller output generator.
  • Whole house – Powering all circuits in the home, these largest units permit all normal household activities to proceed unaffected by the loss of utility power.

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